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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The author would specifically like to thank Kevin Youngberg for his technical expertise, William Bridges for his loving support, and Baby Bridges (due 1 March 2014) for her patience and understanding.  The author would also like to thank all the members of the Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society (WMAS), Nano-Reef.com, Reddit.com, and Reef Central for …

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Swim Bladder Inflammation in Fish

Swim bladder problems are somewhat uncommon in saltwater aquarium fish.  They’re commonly found in deepwater fish that are not properly decompressed, sometimes in fish with digestive problems (commonly due to a poor diet), and occasionally due to the presence of viruses, bacteria, and/or parasites. Treatment Background If the fish was not recently acquired (within a …

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Acanthastrea-Eating Spiders

Here’s another one for your nightmares!  For years I had heard rumors of a stealthy Acanthastrea predator, but I had yet to find one (to my relief.)  A while back, I attended a coral fragging demonstration, and along with my frag freebie, I also received these lil buggers. Rumor has it that these spiders tend …

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Rescued Coral Photo Gallery

These are just some before and after photos of corals I’ve rescued.  Click the captions if you’re interested in the recovery process!  Or, click the photo to see it enlarged.  The original ReefCentral thread is here, where you can see hundreds of corals the community has saved.        

How to Freshwater Dip Fish

Ok, calm down.  This isn’t nearly the rocket science procedure everyone makes it sound like.  Yes, I was terrified the first time I tried it, but after dipping dozens of fish with no losses (due to the freshwater dip), I’m a believer.  So why freshwater dip fish?  A short dip can actually dislodge parasites like …

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Vibrio Infections

Vibrio is a bacterial infection that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.  Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with it twice with no success.  However, I’ve learned more each time, so hopefully this will help someone else. Vibrio is a gram-negative bacteria that infects fish, invertebrates, etc.  It can cause gastroenteritis (abdominal issues) and sepsis/septicemia (serious infection …

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How to Make Dosing Jugs

Project Ease:  2 (scale of 1-10, 1 being the easiest) Project Cost:  Free up to $10 This is a very simple project to help clean up your tank space and prevent spills.  I had all supplies on hand, so the cost was essentially free to me.  If you had to buy everything, this project will …

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Rescuing Dying Corals – Trachyphyllia

I haven’t had a lot of luck rescuing Trachyphyllias for some reason.  It seems that once they start to go, that’s it.  Fortunately, I was able to save this one.  Notice the algae-covered skeleton and then the stark-white skeleton.  It appears that this coral went through two traumatic events.  In order to save it, I …

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Rescuing Dying Corals: Scolymia

This scolymia was stung by another coral at my local fish store which caused all the damage as seen in the photo below.  Luckily, stung corals tend to heal up very quickly with little intervention on my part.  Since the coral was stung, I needed to make sure the coral didn’t get infected, so I …

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Rescuing Dying Corals: Lobophyllia

I’m not sure what was wrong with this Lobophyllia, but it was free, so I had to try to save it.  I always get nervous when I see a dying coral with a pink skeleton as it could be pink line syndrome (PLS).  My guess is that it was just suffering from poor water quality …

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