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Pregnancy and Reefkeeping

In honor of Mother’s Day this year in the United States, this post covers the risks of becoming a mother while keeping a reef aquarium.  Last year, I was pregnant with my first child, and I was appalled at the little amount of information available on the topic.  If you’re a male reading this post …

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The Living Planet Aquarium in SLC, Utah

The Living Planet Aquarium, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a small but growing aquarium.  For the price (less than $10 for adults), this is one of the best aquariums I’ve seen, and it costs less than seeing a movie at some theaters! Unlike many aquariums that feature sharks, the freshwater electric eel steals …

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“Like Us” to Win Sweepstakes

To thank everyone for supporting the advertisements on this site and to make them a bit less painful, I’m going to start offering up a monthly prize to a randomly selected winner.  It’s free to enter, and to do so, simply click the “Like” button on the “Like Us” link on the righthand side of …

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Introduction to the Saltwater Aquarium Hobby

It dawned on me that I never really introduced the hobby, or why anyone should consider keeping saltwater aquariums as a hobby.  My introduction to the blog explained how I got involved, but I never discussed why anyone else should.  For many, it’s a way to have a “piece of paradise” in colder weather, others …

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Blackout Post: Protest SOPA and PIPA

Since it’s a bit late to run the blackout script, I’m just not going to actually blog anything reef related today.

Aquarium Chemistry: Salinity

In the previous edition of Aquarium Chemistry:  TDS, the proper water quality required was discussed.  Next, it is critical to discuss the concept of salinity. Specific gravity is often the standard measurement and is the ratio of the density of a fluid relative to water at a given temperature (a reef tank usually has a …

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Aquarium Chemistry: TDS

This column is an introduction to saltwater aquarium chemistry.  What better way to start this column than with an article on water quality.  It is generally easier to put clean water into an aquarium than to try to clean the water already in the aquarium. How Clean is “Clean”?First, a definition of TDS is in …

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My introduction

As a kid, I always had lots of freshwater fish tanks. They usually resulted with finding dead crabs underneath the couch, fish-jerky on the carpet, and algae-fouled…everything. Somehow, this didn’t scar me for life. In college, I purchased a 10g freshwater tank from a friend who had just got married and was moving. At one …

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