Rescuing Dying Corals – Trachyphyllia

I haven’t had a lot of luck rescuing Trachyphyllias for some reason.  It seems that once they start to go, that’s it.  Fortunately, I was able to save this one.  Notice the algae-covered skeleton and then the stark-white skeleton.  It appears that this coral went through two traumatic events.  In order to save it, I dipped it in Coral Rx (as shown below), and then I fragged the dead skeleton off.

Trachyphyllia - 8 January 2012

Trachyphyllia – 8 January 2012

I also cut slightly into the healthy tissue to hopefully remove any initial infection.  I also superglued the tissue to the skeleton along the cuts to keep it from blowing in the water (it acts like a Bandaid.)  The white along the top of the coral is the superglue.

Trachyphyllia - 9 January 2012

Trachyphyllia – 9 January 2012

I placed the coral in a low flow, low light area in order to not stress it more.  Within a month, it was inflating and eating.

Trachyphyllia - 6 February 2012

Trachyphyllia – 6 February 2012

In less than a year, it was fully healthy and even had the start of a baby.  This coral is in my display tank (which is why the lighting is different.)

Trachyphyllia - 16 December 2012

Trachyphyllia – 16 December 2012

And, it continues to grow!

Trachyphyllia - 6 January 2013

Trachyphyllia – 6 January 2013



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