Pinnacle Reef in Utila, Honduras

Pinnacle Reef, a boat dive in Utila, Honduras, is a fantastic dive site.  It features a pinnacle (I know, shocking, right?), and a tunnel down to a platform at 130 feet.  I kept my dive more shallow and dropped down to only 80 feet.  For less adventurous divers, there is a very nice reef at only 40 feet.  Bottom temperature was a comfy 84 degrees Fahrenheit in mid-August.

Beautiful reef

Secretary Blenny

Secretary Blenny (Acanthemblemaria maria)

School of Surgeonfish

School of Surgeonfish


Pedersen's Anemone Shrimp

Pedersen’s Anemone Shrimp



Juvenile Drumfish

Juvenile Drumfish

Eagle Ray

Eagle Ray (was actually photographed at Paraiso Reef)



  1. Kevin Odonnell

    Great pictures Nikki, scuba diving to another world, thats living large.

    1. admin

      Thanks Kevin! I love your videos – shows me how much I’m missing just in our backyard! No need to explore the world with all there is to do around here!

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