July Sweepstakes Winner!

And the winner is…(drumroll)…Jason Gotschall of Utah!  Congrats Jason!

You have your choice of prizes:

Prize Option #1:  A one-polyp frag of an aquacultured red Australian Acanthastrea coral plus a start of Gracilaria hayi red macro algae.  Delivery and/or shipping is not included. Approximate retail prize value:  $15.

Acanthastrea Mother Colony

Acanthastrea Mother Colony

Prize Option #2:  A “Rescue Coral” starter kit that comes with one (1) Coral Rx One Shot, a set of five (5) picks, VidaRock frag plugs, a magnifying glass, coral food samples, and ground shipping.  Approximate retail prize value:  $15.

Best of luck to everyone in our next sweepstakes!

See here for more details on July’s sweepstakes.


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