Product Review: 36″ Pick-up & Reach Tool

36″ Pick-up & Reach Tool:  A+

36" Pick-up & Reach Tool

When I ordered my 31″ deep 150g aquarium, I forgot that my arms are no where near 31″ long.  I was shocked to see tongs at my LFS for over $30.  One day I was shopping at Harbor Freight (a discount tool supply store found across most of the U.S.) and found the 36″ Pick-up & Reach tool for $3.  This month I found them on sale for $1.99, so I bought three.

Pickup Tool

Of course, you always get what you pay for.  These tongs are not rust-resistant, telescoping, or anything else fancy that the $30 tongs tout.  However, these tongs are as far as I can tell, just rebadged for the aquarium hobby and sold for about $15.  With rinsing and drying after each use I get about 8 months out of them, but about 6 months if I’m lazy.  At the $2-3 price tag twice a year, it’ll be a while before I get anywhere near a $30 set of tongs.

As far as performance goes, these do the job pretty well.  I regularly pick up rocks in the tank of about 2-5 lbs.  I’ve picked up more, but I get nervous doing that since a dropped rock could mean destroyed aquascaping…or worse…a destroyed aquarium.  I’ve also managed to pick up a single Acropora corallite without damaging it.

So based on the low price, strength, and accuracy of these tongs, I give them an A+!

Disclosure Statement:  I am not employed in the aquarium industry, am not paid or receive “kickbacks” for my reviews, and I am not involved in any sort of sketchy deal. These reviews are purely my honest assessments, and I apologize for any personal bias that may arise during these reviews.













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  2. pop

    Thanks for posting this. I saw it at HF, but wasn’t sure it was good for aquariums.

    1. admin

      I’ve been using them ever since I posted the review in 2012 with success. They do get rusty, so just stop using them in the aquarium at that point. I think I have gone through about 6 since 2012, but I’m not great at rinsing/drying them after each use. Maybe one day I’ll buy a nice set, but it’s hard to beat $1.99 at HF.

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