Product Review: Prodibio BioClean

Prodibio BioClean:  A

I’m always skeptical when it comes to dosing “cure all” type products, especially at the price tag of about $50 for 30 vials.  However, this is one of those rare products that actually works as advertised.
BioClean comes with half the vials of Bioptim and the other half of Bio Digest.  Bio Digest contains various bacteria that digest waste, thus helping control nitrites, nitrates, and therefore, algae.  Bioptim basically contains a fuel for the bacteria.  The vials are glass, and both ends are broken off with a piece of tubing (so as to not cut skin) in order to dose.
Vial of Bioptim and Bio Digest
Since I’ve run across almost every pest known to the reefkeeping world, I start all my aquariums with dry rock and dry sand.  I add a small piece of live rock from one of my “clean” systems to start the cycle.  Needless to say, the cycling process is extremely long compared to starting with all live rock.  Additionally, the bacterial balance is not established, so cyanobacteria is common in plague proportions for about a year (yes, that’s not a typo!)
July 20, 2010
When my 150g main display got to the point where the entire thing was cyano, I got desperate.  I was running about 90x turnover flow rate in the display, running GFO/GAC, skimming wet, doing regular water changes, and fed minimally.  The tank was new, so the bulbs were all of the correct spectrum, and there was no buildup of nutrients in the tank.  My final conclusion was that the cyanobacteria was outcompeting the more beneficial bacterias (no proof…just theory.)  In desperation, I bought the Prodibio BioClean 30-vial pack.  At the time, the dosing instructions were different than they are today.  After the first several weeks, I was about to give up on the product.  Then, amazingly one day, the cyano started to go away.  I could tell when the next dose was due as the cyano always started coming back the day before.  Within a few months, it was entirely gone with no other changes to the system/routine.
November 6, 2010
When we moved across the country with our reef tank, I decided to purchase more BioClean to restart our 150g.  I noticed the instructions changed – the dosing varies for the size aquarium (makes sense), and the frequency increased.  So, I’m currently dosing more product and more frequently than before.  Somehow, the results aren’t as good.  It could be my system is different this time (or maybe the product is diluted more than the original formulation?  No idea…just guessing.)  Don’t get me wrong – it still works.  But, it doesn’t get the “A+” rating for this reason (sorry Prodibio if the problem is on my end!  You still got an “A”!)
Old packaging
I will caution that this is not a cure-all for cyanobacteria.  It may help in cases where there is a bacterial imbalance, but I urge everyone to rule out ALL other possibilities for cyano causes first.  I do recommend it for cycling an aquarium as it definitely helps.

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