Scuba Diving: Blue Lake, Utah

Diving in Blue Lake, Utah, was fun…but it’s not for everyone!  This is pretty much a lake made by divers for divers.

First off, it’s out in the middle of nowhere of western Utah.  A several hundred feet walk through horseflies, sand, and snakes separates the sandy parking lot from the lake.  Thankfully, some kind souls installed a board walk across the sand and over the snakes…but that doesn’t help keep the horseflies away.  The “dock” is a soggy algae-covered carpet.  Although this sounds awful to non-divers, this was a near paradise for land-locked Utah divers.  The water is partially geo-thermally heated (see the photo with the hot springs below), so it’s a bit warm.  I wore a 3-5-3 wetsuit in September and was very comfortable.

I recommend arriving as early as possible so visibility is good before newbies join the fun and stir up all the silt.  The bottom is very easy to stir up, so stay a few feet up to keep the lake nice for everyone.  Visibility is usually about 10-30′, but be cautious as visibility can quickly drop to zero.  I’d also pack plenty of snacks since food is a ways away.

There are several dive platforms for safety stop and classes, a few fish, and plenty of sunken treasures.  Rope lines go from the platforms to the main attractions (sunken boat, praying mantis sculpture, turtle, etc.) Keep an eye out for road signs, a grocery cart, a shark, and other surprises…like the floating mannequin head (quite scary to swim upon when visibility goes to nil).


  1. johanna

    hello! my name´s johanna. im planning to go to work there in wendover, im form argentina ..is it A GOOD CITY or is it almost empty? are there shops, etc? if you can help me, please answer me here: verbenajg@hotmail.com

  2. Reef'd Up

    Hi! Um, unfortunately I'm not from Wendover – only stopped for dinner after diving. From my VERY limited experience, it's not fantastic to be honest. There are plenty of casinos, but other than that, there is not much there. It's out in the middle of nowhere as well. Sorry. :-/ I recommend you not take my experience to heart as we were only there about an hour.

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