Scuba Diving: The Crater, Utah

Yes, there is scuba diving in Utah, even when feet of snow cover the ground!  The Homestead Crater is located in Utah and is warm year-round thanks to geothermal heating and a natural dome.  The actual water depth is 55 feet, but an archaelogical dig is protected at the bottom of the hole.

In order to get to the dive site, the owners built a tunnel from the outside to the water level (yes, I know this all sounds bizarre).  In the winter the tunnel is only heated with space heaters, so bring lots of warm clothes and towels!  Grab a spot to gear-up far from the outside door!

Below the water surface, there aren’t the usual sights divers are used to seeing.  There are no fish, corals, or plants.  Instead, there are rubber chickens, bouyancy tests, and unique mineral deposits along the walls.

I recommend a strobe along with a camera due to the silt stirred up by all the newbie divers.  Although the crater is lit, I recommend a good dive light for dusk/night dives.  Overall, the Homestead Crater is a great place to stay current in diving during the winter and to check out equipment in a comfortable spa-like temperature.  However, the lack of visual stimulants does not make it a great staple for everyday diving.

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