Rescuing Dying Corals: Favia Part II

When I started keeping a saltwater aquarium, I was looking anywhere I could for inexpensive live rock (which I know better now to purchase dry rock and seed it myself).  I happened across a neat semi-spherical piece in the rubble bin of a LFS.  The owner asked $5 for it, which looking back was quite expensive for a 1/2 lb piece of rock, but oh well. 

When I got it, I realized it had about the most pathetic coral remaining on it.  I tried to not get my hopes up, and I definitely didn’t see any beauty potential in it.

July 2007

When I placed the rock in the aquarium, the crabs swarmed over it like bees on honey.  There apparently was a fair bit of algae on it.  After a few weeks, it started to extended tentacles, so I fed it.

December 2007
The coral changed very little from July to December 2007 (5 months), so the change from December 2007 to April 2008 (4 months) still amazes me.  During that time I upgraded from power compacts to metal halides, and my system reached over 1 year maturity.  

April 2008
One year’s progress not only showed health-potential, but beauty-potential as well.
July 2008
Once the coral polyps had all grown together, the coral started to grow practically exponentially. 
September 2008
After 2 years, there was no sign the coral was ever less-than-healthy.  
June 2009
I sold the coral in 2011 as it had fully outgrown my aquarium space, and we had to move across the country.  If I remember correctly, the final diameter was about 8″.  I never imagined my little piece of “live rock” would turn into such a beauty.

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