150g Build: The Canopy

Designing and building the canopy was a bit more challenging as we had to fit 2 x 400W metal halide fixtures and 2 x 54W T-5 fixtures into it without causing heat problems.  We chose the LumenMax Elite fixtures with IceCap ballasts (back before IceCap had all the issues).  The LumenMax fixtures have a very shallow profile, which would allow us to keep the canopy shorter than our original plan using Lumenarc III’s. 

We built the frame of the canopy to cover the black trim around the aquarium, so the canopy fits tightly around the tank.
Basic frame
In order to make the aquarium and lights easier to access, we added a piano hinge to the front.

Inside, the light rack is on drawer rollers to make changing lights easier.

Of course, there’s a marble inlay
Cut-outs in the side doors allow fans to allow heat exchange
A double layer of vents in the top allow heat to escape while blocking light
LOTS of light

Finished product

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