Rescuing Dying Corals: Favia

This Favia sp. was not my first rescue coral, but it is by far my favorite.  I picked it up in May 2007 at a local fish store’s $5 bin.  I had no idea how to save it, so it was mostly luck.  I kept it in low light and medium flow.  The colors really pop under very very low light conditions.  I also feed my homemade frozen food at least weekly.   

Below are some progression shots over the years. 

May 2007
December 2008
April 2009
May 2009
September  2009
April 2010
July 2010
January 2012


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  1. Anonymous

    What did you do to save them? Mine need some help, they are not even opening up.

  2. Reef'd Up

    I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulty with yours! How to save it will depend on what is wrong to start. The one here was mostly just good luck, but I have saved others through removing pests, improving the water quality, helping a coral sting heal, etc. Please send me a photo of the corals and details of your aquarium to Reefdup@gmail.com. Telling me about your setup and seeing the corals will help me diagnose what is wrong with them. Also, check out my other rescue coral pages – you may find something that will help you in the meantime even if it is with a different type of coral. Best of luck! – Nikki

  3. Chris

    Help my favia dying has been getting worse since I got few weeks ago. 6 gallon nano with acans and chalice and candy cane doing great

    1. admin

      Sent you an email. Best of luck!

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